Transaction Security

Our first priority is the integrity and confidentiality of the transactions with the customers of our e-shop. For this reason we have taken all necessary measures.

SSL Certificate

The website uses SSL certificates to ensure that your personal data and all the transactions that take place between you and the e-shop are perfectly safe.

Electronic Payments offers 3 payment methods: Credit Card (Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard and Euroline), PayPal and bank deposit.

Credit Card payment is held via the secure system of PayPal, (without the need of a PayPal account), which uses SSL certificate, with encryption,for secure online payment transactions. All of your personal information, including Credit Card number, name and address, are encrypted so there is no way to be read or altered during their transfer in the Internet. does not save or register any of your Credit Card information in its system. Thus, the transactions you make by Credit Card are perfectly safe.

Client Identification

The credentials used for your identification are two: Username and Password, which offer you fully secured access to your personal information each time you use them to login. You are given the ability to change your password as often as you like. You are the only one that has access to your personal data using the above mentioned credentials and you are fully responsible for their secrecy. In case of loss or theft you should immediately inform otherwise is not responsible for the usage of your credentials by unauthorized parties. does not disclose or publish in any way your personal data and the information that you entrust it with. All personal information that you type during your registration as a member, are exclusively used for the execution of your transactions. All the information is encrypted and kept with absolute safety.

Transaction Privacy

The use of privacy policy is considered to be obvious. The same basic principles used in everyday transactions are also used in e-commerce. All the information that is transferred between the customer/subscriber and are confidential and has taken all the necessary measures so that this data is used in the expected manner. Some of the measures taken are:

Only authorized personnel have access to your transactions and only when it is absolutely necessary, i.e. processing. does not reveal information about its clients and their transactions unless there is a written request from you or it is requested by a court order.
You can request the modifications of any information as long as you can prove that there has been a mistake.
For your own protection, you will have to make sure that your information is not shared with third parties and that it remains totally confidential.
For more information on the privacy policy of please visit this page.